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Ready for brand media
that works as hard as you do?

The Shine Studio creates impactful photo & video content for women-owned brands, so they can focus on what makes them SHINE:

enjoying more ease while generating more wealth

and creating a bigger, bolder impact.

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Should something as important as visual media be another one?

You wear enough hats already.

01.22.21 Christine Domain-78.jpg

You're a (busy) business owner.

You're proud of the brand you've created. But your DIY visuals aren't getting the results you dreamed of.

As a business owner myself, I know how exhausting it can be to create, create, create.

Before I became a professional brand photographer, I wanted someone to step in and:


1. Take the time to get to know and understand what I'm about.
2. Help me create strategic visual content.
3. Transform my brand, social channels, and website into tools that work.


I wanted someone who got me, energized me, and cheered me along... not just anybody with a camera. 

04.23.21 Christine-25.jpg

"When I share images either on my website or on social media, I am looking to spread joy, be inspiring, and sometimes just be relatable. Anna Laura's images have always captured these feelings while also being just downright beautiful!"

Christine W., personal trainer

The Shine Studio is a boutique media company helping
bold women-owned businesses show up & shine.


I'm Anna Laura, founder & lead photographer at The Shine Studio.


With more people turning to online shopping and the prevalent use of social media, you know high quality images are non-negotiable. But I know you don't have the time to get it all done.


Just breathe, and allow me make it happen, girlfriend!



...6-12 more hours every month (or every WEEK) back to your business (and your life).


...showing up with more confidence because you have your #1 hype girl behind the lens.

...more ease.

...more time.

...more results (AKA sales!).

Through a collaborative and clear approach, it's possible!

Anna Laura has been recognized by Peerspace as one of the 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Philadelphia and one of the 10 Best Product Photographers in Austin (both her former homes):

8.14.20 Victoria -12.jpg

10 Best Lifestyle Photographers
Philadelphia, PA

"Anna’s goal in photography is to foster a strong sense of community through images. She understands the value of great images for budding businesses or established brands looking for some new energy in their content. 

Her lifestyle images are light and airy, with bright colors and natural posing. Anna has a great eye for emotion but also knows when to bring your brand or product to the center of attention — this balanced approach creates a well-rounded package for any entrepreneur."

Peerspace, June 6, 2019

03.21 Bellame -136.jpg

10 Best Product Photographers
Austin, TX

"Anna Sommer started The Shine Studio to help businesses and brands find their voice through the visual medium. And since more and more people rely on e-commerce than ever, Anna has tailored her work to meet your online needs. From social media to welcome page images, her photography carries just the right notes to encourage potential clients to look closer.

Anna's style pairs nicely not only with product images but food, editorial, portraiture, and women’s branding photography as well!"

Peerspace, May 6, 2021


However you happened to stumble across this page, I'm so happy you found it! I would love to share a bit about myself and what it means to SHINE...


I created my first business (a scrapbooking biz) when I was about 11, while growing up on a farm in a small town in Arkansas. Growing up on a farm gave my brothers and me a rather unique perspective on life: one that enabled us to dream wildly and fearlessly.

When my brother, Tyler, lost his life during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2009, I began to merely exist, rather than live.

It wasn't until my grad school roommate demonstrated to me just how having a supportive community can help heal, that I began to heal, spiritually and emotionally, from that loss.

But a year later, I found myself in a job I dreaded going to each day. In (another) tear-filled phone call on my commute to my job, my husband suggested I find something outside of my J-O-B to focus on...

And I ran with that.


I spent the next several years pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams, and through this, refined my passion for photography, branding, marketing, and setting & achieving business goals.

Instagram became a way to create community (and land clients!) online, and take those connections to real life. I soon learned how powerful a tool social media is for business.


Something lit up inside me, like a light beginning to shine.


Now, I get to do what I'm most passionate about: use my creative abilities & marketing expertise to serve female entrepreneurs, and goal-getters through The Shine Studio Brand Photography and SHE SHINES Business Coaching.

It's your turn! Shoot me a line, and tell me more about yourself!

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