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From audiences of thousands to podcast hosting, TV interviews, and intimate workshops, Anna Laura has proven to be a true inspiration and motivator. She has spoken on topics such as:

  • branding, photography, and social media

  • overcoming adversity

  • how to set and achieve goals

  • entrepreneurship

...and more. Her transparency and humor captivates, her life experiences inspire, and she always leaves attendees with takeaways which motivate them to take immediate action.

Most Requested Topics

How to Create a Brand that Shines

How Your Mess Can Become Your Message 

Building inner strength through struggle

Taking the leap

Overcoming lies and self limiting beliefs

Creating a narrative that serves you

Putting yourself first to better serve and lead others

Vision Board Workshop

The Goal-Getter's Guide Workshop

Casting your vision for your future

Setting SMART goals & Focus Goals

Creating a definitive action plan

How to keep motivation

Avoiding pitfalls

Tracking your progress

TV Hosting & Appearances


Branding & Entrepreneurship with Anna Laura Sommer

Host, RVN TV, Winter 2018-Spring 2019

In an online world, it's easy to blend in. From branding to marketing, the struggles of entrepreneurship, blogging, and everything in between, Anna Laura and guests took an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to have a brand that truly "shines" on The Shine Studio with Anna Laura Sommer on RVN TV.


Episodes Included:

Episode 10 | Alexandria Russell: co-founder of SHExSHINES

How Live Events Boost Business & Connections

Episode 9 | Carlee Myers: Founder, The Stress Less Co.

Reduce the Stresses of Business Owners & Finding the Mythical Work-Life Balance

Episode 8 | Brittany Floyd: Founder & CEO, Everyday Globetrotter

SHE.e.o. 101: Becoming a CEO

Episode 7 | Jack Perrotta- President & CEO, Vitris

Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs

Episode 6 | Allison Hodges- blogger, The Savvy Camel

Challenges of a Full-time Blogger + Monetizing Your Work

Episode 5 | Jessica Halbert- mindset coach, speaker, brand attorney

Mindset of a Successful Brand

Episode 4 | Gina Russo- owner, Bar Method Rittenhouse

Creating Community in Business

Episode 3 | Lona Downs- my mom!

Ask the Host: Branding, Experiences, Collaborations, Social Media Platforms


Episode 2 | Deepika Subbiah- PR and marketing expert

Monetizing your Social Media & What Brands Want


Episode 1 | Alexandria Russell- founder of SHE with Alex Wynter 

Authentic Community through Social Media



Guest, RVN TV, February 2019

In this episode, I shared my journey as an entrepreneur, including challenges, lessons, and personal victories, as well as my process of working with a new client for branding and photography.


Guest, RVN TV, December 2018

As a guest expert for the topic of Personal Branding, we discussed the importance of branding yourself​, as well as tools, advice, and resources for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and influencers. 

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