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TV Hosting & Appearances

The Shine Studio

THE SHINE STUDIO with Anna Laura Sommer

Host, RVN TV, Winter-Spring 2019

In an online world, it's easy to blend in. From branding to marketing, the struggles of entrepreneurship, blogging, and everything in between, my guests and I take an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to have a brand that truly "shines" on The Shine Studio with Anna Laura Sommer on RVN TV.

Episode 10 | Alexandria Wynter Russell: co-founder of SHExSHINES

How Live Events Boost Business & Connections


How to Market an Event

Challenges of Events We Didn't See Coming

Episode 9 | Carlee Myers- Founder & CEO, Everyday Globetrotter

Stress Less in Your Career

Tips to Reduce the Stresses of Business Owners

Finding the Mythical Work-Life Balance
How to Prevent Burnout & Overwhelm

Episode 8 | Brittany Floyd- Founder & CEO, Everyday Globetrotter

SHE.e.o. 101

Challenges of a CEO

When & How to Delegate Tasks

Managing a Team

Episode 7 | Jack Perrotta- President & CEO, Vitris

Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs

Finding Your Target Market

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Converting Followers into Customers

Using Effective Social Media Ads

Episode 6 | Allison Hodges- blogger, The Savvy Camel

On the Blog

How she started her successful blog

How bloggers can monetize their work

Challenges of full-time blogging

How to drive more traffic to your blog & site

Episode 5 | Jessica Halbert- mindset coach, speaker, brand attorney

Aligning Your Brand & Mindset

Mindset of a Successful Brand

Secrets of building an Authentic Brand

How to align YOU, your Mindset, & Brand

How to keep a Growth Mindset

Episode 4 | Gina Russo- owner, Bar Method Rittenhouse

Community in Business

From Corporate to Business Owner

Differentiating your business

Fostering a Team

Collaborating with other businesses

Episode 3 | Lona Downs- my mom!

Ask the Host

What is a Brand?

How I got started

Influencer Marketing, Collaborations,

Social Media Platforms defined


Episode 2 | Deepika Subbiah- PR and marketing expert

Working with Brands

Monetizing your Social Media

What Brands Want

Reaching out to Brands

Media Kits & Pitching Yourself


Episode 1 | Alexandria Wynter Russell- founder of SHE with Alex Wynter 

Authentic Community through Social Medial

creating an Authentic Community through Social Media


Guest, RVN TV, February 2019

In this episode, I shared my journey as an entrepreneur, including challenges, lessons, and personal victories, as well as my process of working with a new client for branding and photography.


Guest, RVN TV, December 2018

As a guest expert for the topic of Personal Branding, we discussed the importance of branding yourself​, as well as tools, advice, and resources for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and influencers. 

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