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If you had told me even just a few months ago I would be starting this site, I would have laughed in your face.

"Me? A BLOG? I don't even like that'blah-blah-blahhhg'!"

But you know something? More often than not, the thing that we're most resistant toward is the exact thing we're destined for. What stops us from seeing it, at least initially, is our pride: we either have too much that it gets in the way of an opportunity, or we have so little pride in our own natural gifts, that we refuse to admit we want to try something.

When it came to creating a site, I had simultaneously both too much and too little pride. Luckily, God knew better, and once He put the idea in my head, I clung to it...and He wouldn't let me let it go. I woke up one morning, and He said, "Anna Laura, today you're going to start an accountability group for women who want to better their health. You will help some, but not all of them. They will definitely help you."

So that day, I put out a post on my Instagram and Facebook, doubting anyone would want to take part. Okay, maybe my mom would participate, but that'd be about it.

Again, luckily He knew better.

So many women were seeking to join a tribe of women looking to improve their health- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Was I truly fit to "lead" them? No. To be honest, I'm probably still not in some ways. But He is, and He teaches me something new every day. Throughout those 16 weeks of the accountability group, my approach was constantly refining ways to best serve those women. Even now, I am constantly refining my coaching style. While I have my fundamental beliefs, I am always open to a more efficacious way of doing things. I choose to be a lifelong student, as well as a lifelong teacher. (In the book, Go-Giver, this idea of learning something, then immediately teaching someone else, is essential.)

That is my purpose here, both with this site, and with life: to help share the knowledge I have to educate others, so that their lives can be bettered by recognizing and gaining confidence in their own unique gifts, and avoid the same mistakes I have made.

Photo: Thee Photo Ninja • Makeup: Marissa June • Dress: Target


I am so happy you came across this site. I realize the world does not need another blog. It needs people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and share their gifts, and maybe be the spark that ignites a lasting change in another human being.

The world needs a little more love.

I realize this site is not perfect (neither am I!), and my inner perfectionist is screaming at me to wait until things are "just right" before sending this out into the world. But, you know something?

If we continually wait until things, circumstances, or ourself is "just right" before taking the leap, there is a great likelihood that we will never get anything done. (I believe the medical term is "analysis paralysis", but don't cite me on that.)

So here is my little contribution, friend. It is my hope you find something to help you along your journey. Perhaps you'll allow me to personally walk with you with one of my FUEL programs.

I would love to get to know a little bit more about you, so please, comment below or join me on Instagram, and please send me a message! Here are some of my favorite things to know...

  • What's your name, and where are you from?

  • What excites you most?

  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?

  • What are you currently working toward?

  • Do you like coffee, tea, both, or neither?

  • What would you like to see on this site?

Tell me more! And be sure to connect with me on Instagram @annalaurasommer to stay updated on the latest!

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