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25 Spring Bucket List Ideas + Spring Outfit Photography

Hey there!

How is your Spring so far? It's been quite a ride over here, with no sign of slowing down! As things pick up, I'm learning to take deep breaths, go on more walks, and take more time to stretch and move my body, rather than be absorbed by all the things I "need to do". I wanted to take this post to share a few ideas on how you can make the most out of this beautiful season, as well as share a super fun collaborations I've been doing with a few fashion companies, such as this one from Red Dress Boutique! You can shop this entire look (bamboo purse, and all!) directly from the post.

And keep reading, because I'm also sharing 25 Ideas for your Spring Bucket List

fashion blogger photoshoot, Sommer Photo Co, Philadelphia

shop this photo

RUST CO-ORD SET (c/o Red Dress Boutique; also comes in Burgundy & Olive) | BAMBOO PURSE (c/o Red Dress Boutique; also comes in Brown) |

GOLD EARRINGS (c/o Red Dress Boutique) |

HEELS (similar ones found here and here)

fashion blogger photoshoot, Sommer Photo Co, Philadelphia

All images are owned by me unless stated other wise. If you liked to use them or collaborate please contact me

Here’s 25 things to do, Spring edition!

So far, I'm at 19 out of the 25! How many can you get to before summer 2019? 🌸

  1. Spring Clean

  2. Revamp your look

  3. Buy yourself some flowers

  4. Get some fresh air

  5. Read something new

  6. Listen to new music

  7. Declutter your space

  8. Let go of old habits...

  9. ...and start some healthy new ones

  10. Paint your nails a pastel color

  11. Learn a new recipe

  12. Try a new coffee spot

  13. Go for a bike ride

  14. Have a spring photo shoot with friends

  15. Hit up the local library or coffee shop to read, write or work

  16. Get brunch... and often!

  17. Try a new yoga or workout class

  18. Refresh your skin care routine

  19. Make yourself a budget for summer

  20. Listen to a guided meditation

  21. Complete one of your long procrastinated tasks (I'm putting together a new book!)

  22. Open up the windows and burn some new candles

  23. Buy yourself a spring closet staple (personally obsessed with jackets)

  24. Start a new journal (i.e. dream journal

  25. Make a summer game plan

That's all for now, friends! As always, feel free to shoot me an email, or DM me on Instagram! Keep shining, my friend! I'll see you soon!

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