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Feeling the Feels: Facing Frustration

Can I just be really REAL with you for a sec?

I've been feeling so frustrated lately... If you've been following my Instagram stories lately, you know I've been dealing with a knee injury, and here's where we are:

We don't know yet. And that part is so frustrating.

I won't lie to you and tell you that my mindset has been soooooo amazing and I've been keeping my chin up. There have been many moments where I allow my mind to start to spiral, and suddenly I'm not even frustrated with just my knee anymore...I'm frustrated with errthang! You ever have those moments?

But here's another fact for you: It's all (or mostly) in your head!

Instead of focusing on thoughts like "What if I had listened to my body and just stopped?" or "How am I going to get these workouts made for the Shine Studio?" or "I'm letting so many people down...", right now, I'm having to CHOOSE what my focus is.

If ya feel me, then keep reading...

Emotional health tips

If no one told you lately, it's okay to focus on yourself more. We spend such a lot of time caught up with work, or caring for other people, and there is certainly a time for that. However, it is also really important to make sure you look after yourself properly, as well.

If you've been around here for a bit, you know how I feel about self-care. HINT: It's not optional! Here are some simple ideas that can help get your started on your self-care journey:

1. Clear your mind

One of the other great ways of dealing with stress, and promoting self-care, is to practice clearing your mind to reduce worry and anxiety. Even just 5 minutes of meditation can help you shift and re-focus. (Read more: how to use meditation to help you achieve your goals faster)

2. Boost your confidence

Confidence is a massive part of self-care, as it links to self-esteem and happiness. Exercise can go a long way in boosting your confidence, improving your mood, as well as promoting weight loss and building lean muscle. Maybe grab your girls and go for a makeover! We know real beauty shines from within, but a trip to Sephora with your girls never hurt, either, babe!


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3. Take some time for you (and often!)

I recently shared a post about a simple way to get in 30 minutes of self-care each day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to savor a cup of coffee or tea, prioritize your alone time and make some time for yourself every single day. Clear a bit of time in your schedule every morning or evening.


There are SO many other ways to cope with stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, and the like (I’ll be sharing more in the near future!). I feel the most important reminder is this: Feelings are not “good” or “bad”. They are meant to be experienced, and then (here’s the kicker!)...released. Try not to hang on to them, classify them, or drown yourself in any feeling. Everything, including how you’re feeling, has a season. (This is something that isn’t always easy for me, as I’m usually a walking ball of emotion, so I’m right there with you, sister!

But together, we’ll get through this.

Now I want to know: What tips do you have for dealing with high-stress situations or events? Let me know below by leaving a comment, or connect with me on my latest post @annalaurasommer on Instagram! I love engaging in the comments, and would absolutely love to connect with you there xx

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