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Social Media Photo Session with some Powerhouse Ladies | Warminster, PA

Hey there! I'm so excited to finally share a few images from my session with Nicole, Jessica, and Kristie! Find out how we connected, what they had to say, as well as a bit about my planning process...

Emotional health tips

Earlier this year, I had the honor of sharing my story at a network marketing conference in Philadelphia. Afterwards, Nicole reached out to me on Instagram and I was so happy she did! Turns out, she lives in the area and is passionately pursuing network marketing through an amazing nutrition company. Through this company, she connected with Jessica and Kristie, who also live in the same area and are growing their businesses through social media, and these beauties decided to have a photoshoot together.

When Nicole discovered I did photography specifically for social media and online marketing, she was thrilled, because I have years of experience in online marketing, as well! "I knew you would understand when we pulled out a shake!" she told me. Needless to say, boy, we had a blast during our session, and these ladies got TONS of content to share on their social media!

Prior to our session, as always, I asked about their specific desires for this shoots, as well as their editing preference. They sent me some styles of photos and feeds they love, which I used as inspiration throughout our session and my editing process.

Take a look and let me know what you think! Keep shining, friends! I'll see you soon (in front of the camera!)


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