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Health & Fitness Transformation Session | Charlotte, NC

After working together virtually for nearly a year, I finally met Tonya (in real life!) down in Charlotte, NC earlier this month, and was able to help her celebrate her incredible health and fitness transformation through a photoshoot. Read more about her journey and our session together...

Emotional health tips

At the beginning of this year, Tonya joined one of my online mini health challenges, and later my Jumpstart e-course. I was (and am!) honored to continue working with her through all the challenges and curveballs life threw at her, and witnessed her soar. During this past year, Tonya learned how to better fuel her mind, body, and spirit, through better nutrition, exercise, accountability, and personal development.

But I had never actually met her in person!

When I told her about a women's wellness showcase and event being held in Charlotte, she jumped on it, making it her new fitness goal.

When I finally met her in person, it felt like meeting family! I also had the incredible honor of helping her document her hard work through an outdoor photoshoot. As you'll see in these photos, Tonya is one of those rare humans who is a walking ray of sunshine- a source of light, strength, and positivity... I mean, just look at her smile! I tell you this, mostly because I know she never would, but the world needs to know this...

...and to know her.

Take a look and let me know what you think- shoot me an email, or DM me on Instagram! Keep shining, gorgeous! I'll see you soon (in front of the camera!)


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