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Health & Fitness Pro Branding Session | Charlotte, NC

I had the opportunity to shoot with Rebeca, a personal trainer (and all-around incredible human being) in Charlotte, North Carolina last month. Being able to help women entrepreneurs grow their brand is a huge passion of mine (and so is health and wellness!), so to be able to serve other fitness professionals in up-leveling their online platforms is a dream! Read more about our session together...

Emotional health tips

Witnessing incredible people finally realize how incredible they are, and then step into their power is one of the best things in the world. That has certainly been the case with Rebeca- a woman who personifies grace, strength, and servant leadership. Now this certified personal trainer is taking the world by storm through her coaching programs, and I had the privilege of capturing images for her during a 30-Minute Session when we were in Charlotte, NC.

Prior to our session, we discussed her brand- she wanted cool tones, light and airy feel, with bright whites. She wore a shirt with the words "Faith Over Fear" printed on it- that is so fitting for anyone embarking on a new journey, be it fitness, career changes, entrepreneurial endeavors, and really life!

Take a look at our session and let me know what you think- shoot me an email, or DM me on Instagram! Keep shining, gorgeous! I'll see you soon (in front of the camera!)


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