Goal-Setting Secrets + BIG NEWS

As I write this post, I'm actually giddy.

Why?? Because it's that time of year... NEW GOALS, baby! I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes/how-to guide on how I set my goals, and some practical tools for you to set yours, too!

Also, be sure you head over to this page here for a special announcement and offer!

Check out this YouTube video as I walk you through my tips and secrets for how to make 2018 your best year YET!


Take out a favorite notebook and pencil/pen, and let's get to it!


1. What made 2017 (the previous year) amazing?

What sort of behaviors, habits, or beliefs about yourself did you possess that made you feel your best?

Was there a time in the year that you woke up early for a few days, and you were able to get more things done? Was there a period that you were consistent with your exercise and nutrition, and you felt energetic and unstoppable? Were you bold and action-taking, and accomplished more than you ever thought possible?!

Little or big, write down what made you feel the most amazing from this past year.

2. What made 2017 challenging?

What held you back? What sort of doubts, worries fears, or limiting beliefs did you experience that caused you to NOT take action?

Were you fearful that you would fail? Did you doubt your ability to achieve your goal because you've tried so many times in the past?