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7 Simple Secrets of Successful Women

The very definition of "success" is broad, and differs from woman to woman. Ask 10 women the meaning of success, and you'll get 100 different answers (yes, that math is accurate!). But most women can agree that there are certain traits that most successful women share.

I spend a good part of my work day reading the works of and listening to women who have achieved great things — and I make it a point to surround myself with women who are well on their way to becoming so.

Keep reading to learn more about 7 habits I’ve discovered that successful women do differently.

Secrets of successful women

#1: They make time for themselves

Research has shown that women tend to prioritize domestic responsibilities such as housework and child-care over themselves. Successful women know that they need to schedule alone time the same way they plan meetings, family dinners and networking events. For me, if I don’t write it in my physical calendar or create a Google calendar appointment, and carve out an hour for myself, it never happens, And here's the kicker: I’m not allowed to cancel on myself, either!

I recently did a post about how to fit in self-care daily, in 30 minutes or less!

#2: they drink water & eat to fuel

Getting in some brainfood is essential to powering your success. Usually this means a good mix of protein, fat, and healthy carbs. And don't skip breakfast! This could be an egg breakfast taco, a high-quality protein shake, or a smoothie with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, spinach, almond butter and almond milk. Audrey Hepburn always ate two eggs and a slice of whole wheat toast first thing and never skipped breakfast, even when she was ‘detoxing’ – something she did each month to mantain her figure. (I was stoked to learn this, as cleansing is something I incorporate on the reg, as well!)

The same goes for keeping hydrated. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to start your day. "We lose water all night through breathing, and don't replenish it for seven hours or so! Now I feel like my morning water is as important to waking up my body and brain as my coffee is.” —Maggie Hall, author of The Conspiracy of Usyoung adult fiction trilogy.

#3: they have support

Having a support network is key to achieving any goal, as well as having a super high, fulfilling quality of life! Keeping up life-giving friendships and forming new ones has been crucial in my journey. Perhaps you live in an area where you just aren't connecting with many people. I have totally been there! Sometimes finding like-minded people can be difficult. That's one reason I've come to LOVE social media! You can connect with so many incredible and inspiring human beings virtually! Join Facebook groups, or send a DM on Instagram to someone you resonate with (this is a fav of mine!) It may help for you to look up some inspirational women such as Brene Brown, Arizona SOS, or Shay Mitchell.

#4: they move their bodies

Many successful women have spoken about the value of regular exercise — not because they are trying to be thin, but because they know that exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins and increases energy. "I find if you start your day with a calm, relaxed energy, it stays with you the rest of the day. Then I do some back and hip stretches, along with a two-minute plank, which helps my mind and body focus for the day,” stated Elisabeth Halfpapp, executive VP and co-creator of the Core Fusion Barre program at Exhale Spa; co-author of Barre Fitness. Another #ladyboss, Debora Spar, former President of Barnard College at Columbia University, wrote, “If I didn’t run, swim, or lift weights, I almost certainly would have killed someone by this point in my life.” Agreed, Deborah. Agreed.

#5: they set goals

"I start my day off with a check into how I'm feeling emotionally and physically. I focus on deep breaths for a couple of minutes, and if I have extra time, I love to meditate for 20 minutes. I feel grateful, think about the wins I've had for the week or day before, and appreciate the growth in business and personal life. Then I like to visualize the wins I want for the next day or week—lots of thoughts and creative ideas pop into my head, so I grab my phone right after so I can write down any ideas I don't want to forget. With that priority list, I have focus and a plan.” — from Loren Brill, founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s all-natural pre-packaged cookie dough (via HuffPost)

If you're in need of some goal-setting how-to help, then check out this post (with bonus video)!

#6: they count their blessings

Wildly successful women acknowledge those that support them every day. Gillian Deck, founder of Sedona East, a curated online women's retailer, has stated, "Every morning, I lie in bed and meditate for 15 minutes before fully waking. I think of things I am grateful for and what I want from my day. I then get up, make a coffee to go, and walk my dogs for 20 minutes. After, I'll check my emails over breakfast and make a rough plan of my priorities for the day. If I can, I get a workout in and hit the shower.”

#7: they get enough sleep

This is one we'll be discussing more in the very near future, but for now, I'll share this quote from Lu Li, founder and CEO of Blooming Founders, the networking and events platform for female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and women in startups. She says, "My healthy morning habit happens the night before. As an extrovert, I get energized throughout the course of the day, so my brain is still going full-speed when I return home around 10 or 11 p.m. It can be hard for me to wind down and go to sleep, so I do guided meditation before I go to bed. I lie in bed and listen to recorded meditations for up to an hour. That way I wake up and my head is clear; I can think about the priorities of the day from a fresh perspective.”

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Put These Habits Into Practice

We might agree though that there are common traits or habits of highly successful women. Women we look up to, strive to be like. Although I am a constant work in progress, I like to try to consistently put these habits into practice on the reg, and when I do, I feel more energized, mindful, and overall am a better-functioning human being with more to give!

Do you recognize any or all of the seven habits of highly successful women in yourself? Share with me in the comments section below, or connect with me on Instagram, @annalaurasommer.

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